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Are you a company interested in hiring a refugee?

Are you a company interested in hiring a refugee?

These are the legal rules for doing that:

Is your company considering employing a refugee or an asylum-seeker? This is a really great decision that will not only give a person an opportunity to live a life with dignity but will also bring great multicultural value to your team!

Refugees and asylum-seekers work increasingly at call centers, where they are valued for their language skills in Arabic or Farsi. They also work in the restaurant and manufacturing industry but of course, every person comes with their own set of skills and previous education and experience!

Employing a refugee, especially if he or she has a status, is easier that you’d think. Refugees with a status in Bulgaria have the same right to work as Bulgarian citizens, so they don’t need any special permits as third-country nationals.

There is even a program by the Employment Agency that provides subsidized employment when a company decides to offer a contract to a refugee – ask at your local Labor Bureau for more information!

In the case of asylum-seekers, who are still waiting for the decision on their status application, there is only one difference. They are allowed to work only if they have been in Bulgaria for more than 3 months. If that’s the case, they can ask for a special work permit at the State Agency for Refugees.

In addition, the government covers the health insurance of asylum-seekers! Check if the asylum-seeker possesses identity documents from their country like a passport because if not, they will not be able to open a bank account and the salary will have to be paid in a different way. The only other thing to keep in mind is that you may have to redo the contract every time that the asylum-seeker renews their green card because its number will change.

And that’s all! Keep out an eye for the job fairs that are sometimes organized by UNHCR, IOM, or other organizations, where companies can meet directly with refugees, interview them and get their CVs.

If you want to publish an offer, please do so on our page through the Donate button, and submit the details about your requirements and the job description. You can also send your offer to the State Agency for Refugees or the local NGOs, which we communicate with regularly and we publish here offers received by them.

You can read here an article from Capital that includes interviews with employers who have employed refugees. They share their experiences and they also talk about the mini-integration programs they have created, offering employment along with classes in Bulgarian, assistance for paying rent, and so on.

Good luck!

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