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    Social mediation and community support to refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria

    • Period: September 1st 2017 - August 31st 2018
    • Funding: The project is co-funded by the UNHCR and the AMIF European fund (AMIF/AG/EMAS/0053)

    Project scope:

    The main aims of the project are:

    • to facilitate the process of initial integration and adaptation of refugees and asylum seekers, residing at external addresses and in the RRCs of SAR in Sofia through provision of services in the Social Mediation Program (translation, social consultation, accompanying, administrative services, assessment and referral to partner organizations, medical health fund) and Humanitarian Assistance Program;
    • to create a sense of tolerance and understanding among the hosting society through advocacy and lobbying activities, publicity and awareness raising.

    SAVE – Speak Out Against Violence

    • Period: April 1st 2018 – August 31st 2018
    • Funding: The project is funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

    Project scope:

    The aim of the project is to raise awareness on gender based violence among refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria, focusing on vulnerable groups.

    The specific objectives of the project are:

    • To increase beneficiaries’ awareness on GBV, their rights in the host society and the social norms in Bulgaria;
    • To improve beneficiaries’ knowledge on types and extent of gender based violence and its consequences;
    • To empower beneficiaries with information on and direct support for access to available service providers for response to gender based violence.

    Psychosocial activities with women and children, refugees and asylum seekers, accommodated in the registration and reception centers of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia

    • Period: March 1st 2018 – December 31st 2018
    • Funding: The project is co-funded by the International Organization for Migration and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Emergency Assistance

    Project scope:

    The project includes thematic workshops in the Sofia Bread House involving women and children in activities like bread making and talking

    Support for vulnerable groups of refugees and asylum seekers: single parents and parents with many children, women victims of violence and abuse

    • Period: February 1st 2018 – October 30th 2018
    • Funding: The project is funded by the Bulgarian Fund for Women (BFW) in the frames of the program of BFW and the Global Fund for Public Organizations to support projects directed to empowering and supporting refugees and migrants in Bulgaria.

    Project scope:

    The project allows CRWB to support with basic food products children in the families of single mothers, parents with many children and women victims of violence.

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