Successful Integration of Asylum Seekers & Refugees
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How it works

Posting on RefugeeOcean is very easy and takes not more than 30 seconds. Simply follow the steps below to understand the post flow better.

Step one

Registering on RefugeeOcean is free. Creating an account just takes a few steps. Click on “Register” in the top-right corner of the page. The registration form will appear. There you can enter your registration details and a valid email address, or you can register with Facebook or Gmail.

Step two

Click on the DONATE / OFFER button on the header section of all our pages. Select Category & Sub Category, choose the right category and sub-category as given below to match the product or service you wish to post.

Step three

Basic Details Section Specify whether you are offering job, apartment, donation etc. You have an option to choose another category if you wish. Make sure you fill in all the mandatory fields through the form. The Title should preferably include specifics about your offer.

Step four

Upload Pictures of your offer. You have the option of uploading more than one picture of your offer. The first image will be used as a cover photo wherever the Post appears across the site. Give enough information of your offer to help the users know more about your offer.

Step five

Donor or offerer enter a valid Email address to receive a confirmation email. Adding your Mobile Number is not mandatory. If you choose not to, users can only contact you via our chat facility. Once you feel the need and can trust them enough, you can give your phone number yourself.

Step six

Click the Post button and wait for admin approval for your post to appear on site.

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