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Do you want to volunteer with refugees?

Do you want to volunteer with refugees?

Check out the opportunities for volunteering at local refugee centers!

Have you ever considered volunteering to help refugees in Bulgaria? So many big-hearted people have so far taken part in activities for distributing donations, hosting newcomers, or going to teach at refugee camps. Any commitment you are able to make is valuable (but of course long-term engagements are better!)

Volunteering means not only to help out people in need but to also go through an incredible learning experience that teaches you empathy and the ability to interact in a multicultural setting. So come thinking that you will gain even much more than you will give!

One of the most widely popular is the Refugee Project, organized by Caritas and CVS Bulgaria. It organizes volunteers to teach weekly classes at the 3 refugee centers in Sofia: Ovcha Kupel, Vrazhdebna and Voenna Rampa. Volunteers work with either children or adults, and they give classes in Bulgarian, English, math, music, and much more!

Caritas also organizes classes and activities in the camp at Busmantsi, where these are especially needed because the camp is closed and its inhabitants are not allowed to go outside of it. Contact them at if you want to learn more, or join the Facebook group of Caritas Sofia Volunteers and Friends for regular updates!

Another great option for volunteering that has a little bit different format is the Mentorship program of Caritas, which connects refugees to mentors to help them with Bulgarian language and integration in Bulgaria. For more information, email

NGOs like the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria regularly receive big donations that they have to unload from trucks, store, and then distribute among refugees. And they would never reject help! Follow their Facebook page for one-time commitments helping out.

And last but not least, register if you haven´t already at Time Heroes, where you’ll be able to find all types of volunteer opportunities that will make you learn, grow, erase your stereotypes, and even help you land a great job because of your great CV!

Good luck!

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